Awful SEO Practices Proliferate The Internet World As We Know It

In the world of optimization, specifically seo, there are a lot of shortcuts that you are going to be chasing. Some of these are effective, and some of them will leave your site with a barren wasteland of traffic (meaning nothing). If you want to have people care about your site, and what you’re doing, then you will want to look into the awful underbelly of search engine optimization as it proliferate the internet right now. You will be shocked by the sheer number of bad things you can get yourself into when it comes to trying to promote your site for the better. Even if you do everything right, you will definitely find yourself swimming in a sea of just bad implementation strategies. As such, the following are just some of the things that can go awry with this.

Buying Thousands of Backlinks in One Swoop

seoType the word backlink into your favorite search engine and see what the results are. You will see that there are a lot of people that are going to sell you on the idea that you can usurp all the traffic in the world. The way to do it is simple, you buy a lot of backlinks. We’re not just talking a few here and there, we’re talking thousands upon thousands at once. You may laugh at this, but it’s absolutely not something that you should think of in a joking manner. In fact, it’s a serious thing that you could fall prey to. Not every dealer of links is in the proverbial black market, some of them are hidden behind cleverly designed seo sites. They do so with a great deal of gusto, and will tell you that you’re buying a module of authority which is nothing more than a lot of backlinks from bad sites. Don’t fall into this problem, it will haunt you.

Buying Traffic From Generators

Traffic generators used to be genuine, and many blogs counted on them for traffic. Today? The sites that you will find on traffic generating websites are completely awful. You will not see anything good come through from these. You’ll end up with little to no relevant traffic and no real subscribes to your sites. If you are serious about gaining ground on the market, you will want to look into the world of awful optimization and consider that this is one of the worst ideas you can subscribe to. Don’t just have your pages flooded with bad traffic, think about finding real world hits, and that means focusing on the proper seo strategies outlined today.

Fake Friends Abound

When setting up your social media profile, you may find that it’s quite lonely at the start. Everyone starts the same, with no friends, but over time you will end up getting a few people here and there interested in what you’re doing. However, you will also find that you can buy friends, likes and more. This is a tempting thing when you are not getting much traction on your page, but it could easily derail your marketing. As soon as people realize that you are buying your friends, and that most of them are robots to say the least, you will not go anywhere. Even if no one found out, your bot friends wouldn’t support your links, or share them overall.

Classified Website Advertising

Some savvy marketers have posted fake jobs on classified websites, and they’ve earned a few backlinks as a result. While classified websites can drive traffic, putting up fake ads for the purpose of “gaming” the system is a bad idea no matter how you slice it. As a result you will not want to chase this option as it will only lend to your site getting dropped from many search results.